GANS and Nano in Everyday Life

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In the broad sense GANS is still in its infancy with regards to research and applications. Many people around the world have joined in, actively conducting their own research. Here is a layout of how GANS and Nano can improve your quality of life.


Please handle GANS and Nano material in a respectable way. Some GANS are very powerful and it is recommended that gloves be worn when working with it. It is recommended not to consume GANS or to apply it to open wounds. Professionals in labs create consumable GANS which is available on request. Please keep GANS out of children’s reach by storing it in a safe place. GANS is stable at room temperature. Your health is your responsibility.


Dried CO2 GANS: Photo courtesy Mark House

Types of GANS

There are various forms of GANS. When one looks at the acronym for GANS  – Gas At a Nano State / GAs Nano Solid – then we can begin to think of all the combinations of GANS that can exist. Almost anything can be broken down into GANS form, into an alternative state of matter. How many possibilities is not the question but rather which are the most important.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2), CH3, Copper Dioxide (CuO2) are the most important GANS. Iron Oxide (FeO) and Zinc Oxide (ZnO) has become increasingly popular. Seawater GANS is widely used around the world because of the oceans mineral content. Other GANS include Calcium, Magnesium, Sugar and Salt GANS which is at the far ends of the pH spectrum to create gradients where needed. Nuts, leafs and roots could be broken down to make organic GANS that some use as energy boost.

Below is the process to create the 3 key GANS used to construct blue print designs.


The process of washing your GANS involves removing it with a syringe from the bottom of your GANS container, placing it into a glass container and allowing it to settle to the bottom. Throw the Water of Gans out and replace it with distilled water, mixing and allowing settling. Follow this process about 10 times to improve the purity and quality of the GANS. After the 5th wash the Water of Gans can be fed to plants.

Different medicinal plants and other homeopathic medicines could also be broken down into GANS form. Cannabis GANS is popular and can be used with devices such as the health pad as described later in this document.

Solids such as foods and natural supplements can be turned into GANS. Prepare your fruits, meats, vegetables and cut them into small pieces. Put them into individual plastic containers then add Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) to each container with hot water, wait few days. Collect the particles from the bottom of the containers. Add them in to your carbon kit, individually or separate to convert them from Nano back into GANS. After a few days you can collect it from the bottom of the CO2 box, wash it few times and you will have your own variation of GANS.

Alternatively, after washing your organic GANS, you could add CO2 Water of Gans to your organic GANS. Even a little bit of CO2 GANS.

Nano Coating Plates

The carbon kit comes with one Nano coated copper plate. To Nano coat your own plates or an additional plate follow these instructions:

Put the copper plate in a plastic container suspending it so that no part of the plate touches the container. Add sodium hydroxide (e.g. drain cleaner) or potassium hydroxide (KOH) at the bottom. Add boiling water and close the container. Your plates should not touch any liquid. Please use gloves and avoid inhaling any vapour. Leave for one hour and then repeat the process. The more layers the better.

Alternatively you can heat up the plate over a fire or on a stove then let it cool down naturally. You repeat this process for 30 minutes until the copper is coated in dark, black material. Let it cool down naturally and repeat the process a couple of times. When the plate is completely black it should be ready to put into your salt water environment to produce GANS.

Links to different “how to” videos can be found on our How To Page.

Current Health Applications

There are various health applications with CO2 GANS and we will be posting more soon, alternatively follow the links on our Resources Page.


The pain pad and pain pen sold in our Web Store are two health devices that can be home-made. Different designs with Nano coated wires and GANS are used to enhance the product to your liking.

The process to build a home-made health pen is displayed in the picture below. There are many different variations in circulation. Designs allows for either a single or double nano coated coil. It is up to the user to experiment with design to alter the strength and effectiveness of the field.

The GANS tube cartridges can be filled with the GANS to your liking, such as cannabis Gans. It can be placed at the top of the pen as indicated in the picture above. Or it could also be placed at the tip of the pen. This will allow the field to move from the nano coated wire through the GANS into the body around the applied area. We believe it’s more effective than placing the cartridge at the back of the pen.

GreenShield SoftMAG

The process to create a home-made pain pad is as follows: Take two pieces of cloth material and add CO2 GANS with a brush to both. CH3 GANS is bushed on a third cloth and placed between the two cloths of CO2 GANS. Place all the cloths in a ziplock bag and insert the bag into another bag to give it a double protective layer. Apply the bag to the troubled areas of the body to remove pain and inflammation naturally within 10 to 15 minutes.


A Nano coated copper coil as displayed below could be added to the cloth to enhance the field and effectiveness.


Arm bracelets can also be made with CO2 GANS, other GANS and crystals for enhanced health and wellbeing. The combinations are endless and many people are using creative thinking to build their own devices. For instance, the manufacturer of the bracelet below could have added a thin Nano coated copper coil to the inside to enhance the field even more.


Those who are familiar with orgonite products would like the following designs that incorporates GANS, Nano material and crystals. These products are developed by Plasma Health in Netherlands.



Water Purification

The Keshe foundation in Ghana took water from the Brim River (the most contaminated river in Ghana), the water was sampled and tested positive for all kinds of contaminants such as E.coli bacteria. CuO GANS was directly added into the water and the mixture was allowed to settle for a period of time. This neutralized the pollutants and cleared up the brownish water. Preliminary Lab test results are shown here. CO2 GANS can greatly clean these water samples too but for larger areas copper oxide works best. Copper Oxide Water of Gans is very effective at cleaning water.



Many people around the world are experimenting with GANS and Magrav Fields applying it to agricultural practices. Current research is conducted in areas such as exposing seeds to fields before planting, having produce grow in the fields, and treating water before it’s fed to the produce. The results thus far are quite phenomenal.

Below is a presentation of an experiment that was done by placing a glass bottle filled with a GANS mixture next to growing lettuce. The GANS mixture contains 70% Sea Water GANS, 15% CO2 GANS and 15% CH3 GANS. Below is a picture of the resulting effect on the crop.

Sea Water GANS or Ormus could be used on leaves and plants periodically for a super growth kick, better than miracle grow. Mixing Fine Moringa Leafs with water have shown to improve plant growth when sprayed on other trees. Please read the article below to learn more about Ormus.

Agricultural Ormus / Seawater Gans

Please follow this link to a post by researchers in Canada that recorded a fig tree fruiting 2 months earlier than usual because of field exposure.

There is a lot of research going into food producing systems and designs thereof. The plasma tree is one such system. Some joke and say that there was aquaculture, then permaculture and now plasmaculture. Many people are investigating the use of GANS in grow houses and aquaculture systems. Enabling people to produce quality food is one of the key objectives of the Lighthouse Emporium and we will pass on information and products as they develop.


The blueprints designs and instructions are designed to assist you to build your own Magravs Home Power Unit which reduces your households load by 50%. The Magravs Home Power Unit has shown to improve solar capturing, more tests are needed though. Your consumption from the grid will lower systematically over 3 months. New research and tests suggests that upgrades to the existing Magravs system allows for further reduction in grid consumption. Simply connect your fridge to you Magravs and let it do its job. Two Magravs units connected together have shown very effective at lowering grid consumption. More details can be found on our “Build a Magravs Home Power Unit” page. For more information on the Magrav Home Power Unit please visit our Shop.

Building a Magrav

There are designs that assist with vehicle efficiency, even bikes. Vehicles have shown to enjoy a 20 to 30 % reduction in fuel consumption. Some taxi drivers in Peru claim that they don’t use any fuel, but this remains to be seen and confirmed. Please read our review of a custom build Magravs System tested on a vehicle. We also discuss the new improved designs recommended from recent findings. More on our new crystal programmed strips to enhance engine performance and lower fuel consumption. The safer, simpler  method to improve efficiency on any engine. MotoStruct


More advanced designs include the Cube Q6, Q24, Q144. There are designs to make battery beads, permanent charging systems, amp/volt booster, devices to recharge batteries, battery casings to improve capacity and more. Ping pong balls filled with CO2 GANS (closed with adhesive to avoid leaking) could be placed into a fuel tank to affect the field of the fuel in the tank. Some people throw Water of Gans into there carburettor. CO2 Patches on the outside of the tank would increase efficiency as well. Brush CO2 GANS on a big bandage and use a bigger plaster to stick the bandage to the tank.

Variations are endless. Many people are experimenting with different designs and posting online what they discover and achieve. Please find links to different blueprints and information channels on our Resources Page . It is advised to conduct your own research and experiment. Working with other people always helps.