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Choosing the right Ozone System

Considerations when choosing the ideal ozone system.

Ozone is used in many different ways:

·         Water treatment plants use it in the water purification process as a flocculent, disinfectant and oxidizer.

·         It is used to remove bad odours. It is widely known for its effectiveness at removing smoke and other odours.

·         It eliminates mould. Ozone is very effective and widely known to eliminate fungus and bacteria. Ozone is used to clean and sterilize fresh foods, effectively extending shelf life.

·         It’s a sterilizing agent. Ozone one of the strongest disinfectants on the planet. It is widely used to sterilize work areas in medical, food processing and storage facilities. Ozone destroys all known viruses and bacteria.

·        Ozone purifies.

Ozone Air

Should you wish to purify small areas at home or work the Ozone Blaster 100 mg/h is the go-to product. This product is designed for ozone air flow and room sterilization. This system could be wall mounted and placed on a timer to produce ozone at regular intervals. 

The second and last of the air only ozone system is the Ozone Blaster 200 mg/h generator which is suited for large sized homes, or medium sized work spaces. This unit could also be used as a permanent fixture where staff could sterilize their hands or equipment in the work place. This unit is great for large food preparation areas, it is wall mounted, and easily adjusted by a timer. Ozone is known to cause irritations at high doses and a timer allows one to adjust the generator to produce ozone at regular intervals. Once the timers are set at comfortable regular intervals, there is no further input required.


Should you require larger and stronger ozone systems for industrial-size, whole area disinfection, then we recommend the more sturdy Water-Air Combo. Before we move over to the Combo Generators we should mention the AquaBuddy system. The AquaBuddy is designed for kitchen use. This device is small and compact and easily mounted to the kitchen wall. The AquaBuddy is mainly for water treatment with a convenient timer, that can be pre-set to treat certain volumes of water. The AquaBuddy  sterilizes 5 litres of water in 30 minutes. Ozone eliminates any discolouration of the water, iron, chlorine, removes odours and destroys all known viruses and bacteria. Ozone not only oxidizes organic matter, but also breaks down mineral composites in water into an absorbable form. Drink a glass of ozone water for an immune system boost. It is a great tool to sterilize water, work areas, kitchen items, or food.     

To clean and sterilize fresh food is simple. Place store bought fruit and vegetables in a bucket of water, then add the air stone and ozonate the water. Ozone will remove any harmful residue on food such as pesticides or wax. It also destroys any viruses or bacteria, and keeps fresh food fresher for longer.

 Water & Air Combo

Our combo systems are more robust and used either for air or water treatment. The first unit in our combo range is the 250 mg/hour Combo. This Ozone Generator is ideal for large homes or small business that want to disinfect water and sterilize large areas. Many of our customers love to use this model as a home spa system. Turn any bath into a ozone spa. Place your ozone unit in a safe position, elevated above the water, and clear from any obstructions. Switch the system on and drop deliver the ozone by means of the diffuser. Ozone baths are fantastic for general well-being. The large number of spa’s are testament to the benefits of ozone treatments. Why pay for sessions? The 250 mg/h Combo system is a multi function product – the perfect all-rounder at home.

Next in our range, is the 500 mg/hour Combo. This unit is for those who can afford to purchase a more powerful option. This reduces the amount of time required to perform certain tasks such as water disinfection, or area sterilization. This unit is well recommended for larger retail shops or factories, where constant, indoor air-quality, is required. 

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