Here on our How To Page you can access videos that explains and demonstrates how to engage the science of Plasma. Using GANS and Nano in combination, many different health applications and gadgets can be build.

Below are some videos to guide you to constructing your own devices. Please work responsibly, your health is your responsibility.

The Basics

How To Nano Coat With Caustic

How To Nano Coat With Fire

How To Nano Coat With Cold Caustic Spray

How To Make CO2 GANS

GANS Setup – CuO, CO2, CH3

How To Make 3 GANS in 1 Container

How To Dry GANS Quickly


How To Make a Health Cup

How To Make a Health Pad

How To Make a Health Pen

How To Make Health Tubes

How To Feed Yourself With Plasma Energy

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