Lighthouse Emporium

Lighthouse Emporium is an environmentally friendly community based organisation. Driven for surplus, Lighthouse Emporium is run in a profit orientated approach while maintaining social and environmental focus. Through funding initiatives investments are made into community enriching programs that carries food security or income generating capacity. Projects profits remain in Lighthouse Emporium for reinvestment into new qualified initiatives, or to develop and expand existing projects. This attitude creates a closed system generating its own monies exclusively meant for sustainable development.


Lighthouse Emporium aspires to become a multi-national community development organisation. Where business meets the environment and education to enhance sustainable development.


Lighthouse Emporium develops, supports, and stewards communities into self reliance. We lead positive social change.


  • Distribute products and knowledge capable of raising individuals and communities into self reliant living.
  • Enable, develop and enhance small scale farming with systems, financing and markets.
  • Foster and grow community spirit by bring stakeholders together to enhance creative problem solving.
  • Conduct open research and development focused on water purification, energy production, agriculture and health.

The Team

The team is well rounded and balanced. All of its members are striving to make a difference within South Africa and won’t stop working until poverty is dealt with. They are all professionals in their respective fields and contribute both knowledge and expertise.


Lighthouse Emporium Primary Co-operative Ltd
Registration Number 2015/009665/24
A Proudly South African Initiative


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