Management Turn Key Solutions

Identify and select key community based initiatives.

The organisation will conduct proper screening and research prior to establishing project proposals. This will ensure that projects are appropriately selected on feasibility by taking into account the environment, the community and revenue capacity.

Provide project planning and implementation.

Developing effective proposals and implementation plans, will allow Lighthouse Emporium to add quality project management solution. Assisting projects throughout the life cycle. This will allow a centralised focused approach, eliminating excessive management costs.

Run and administer group funding initiatives.

Lighthouse Emporium will develop, present and drive group funding initiatives through established anthro-networks. Public awareness, support and participation are key to the long term sustainability of projects. Lighthouse Emporium will ensure that the general population are exposed to projects through fund raising activities and online marketing.

Manage established community based initiatives.

Once projects are running, day-to-day management solutions will be provided. Back office administration can be simplified with a central office approach. Ongoing monitoring and auditing will ensure high levels of environmental sensitivity and continued community focus.

Develop and manage a holistic educational program.

Lighthouse Emporium will develop education, training and mentoring programs through the project roll outs. It will be imperative to educate and develop employees and leaders through established courses and mentoring programs.

The whole process will include engaging community leaders to identify immediate needs. Many communities are plagued by violence and drug abuse problems. Upliftment will be accompanied by family counselling structures. NPO’s will be approached to provide counselling where needed. We will empower communities through counselling, nutrition, education, job creation and continued development. We aim to establish permanent social structures within the organisation.


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