GreenShield SoftMAG

Why GreenShield?

GreenShield SoftMAG Technology offers a natural alternative to commonly prescribed methods for pain management. A unique range of products specifically designed for different parts of the body for maximum comfort, support and lasting pain relief.

Handmade in Italy from neoprene and anti-allergic cotton. The GreenShield products are placed on the afflicted areas of the body and fastened. GreenShield’s SoftMAG technology can be used anywhere, at any time and for unlimited periods for the effective treatment of areas affected by pain.

SoftMAG technology incorporates special Nanotechnology which produce magnetic-gravitational fields (Plasma Energy) which restores natural balance and relieves pain. SoftMAG’s magnetic energy fields consist of low frequencies interacting with the skin, the muscles and the osteoarticular system. With time SoftMAG technology has the ability to restore original chemical, electric and magnetic balance and offers relief from acute and chronic pain.

The technology on which all SoftMAG products are based is magnetic in principle. SoftMAG devices contain “a biomagnetic core” produced by subjecting a conductive material to a biophysical process that makes it magnetically and energetically charged. These particles are able to absorb magnetic fields from the external environment and convey them directly into the tissues of the body. The biomagnetic core consist of nanomolecules and produces a form of PLASMA. THE FOURTH STATE OF MATTER.

Most of the physical problems derive from an unbalance of the cellular magnetic charges with consequent unbalance of the pH and tissue frequencies.

If the imbalance is due to an excess of positive charges (in most cases it is so), SoftMAG devices will simply channel from the environment the quantity and ‘quality’ of magnetic charges necessary to balance the excess in the cells and ‘dissolve’ the problem. If the imbalance is due to an excess of negative charges, exactly the opposite will happen.

The result will be the restoration of the magnetic charge of the cell to its normal conditions with the consequent restoration of the membrane potential and cell frequency.

The cellular rebalancing of the body’s magnetic field can have beneficial effects on the body by stimulating healing.

Many experts and scientists, in various eastern and western countries, have studied and conducted experiments on biomagnetism, but only after 1940 did world research start the scientific phase that has produced texts that systematically validate the beneficial effects on plants, animals and humans.

The effects of our technology are not magical or miraculous but are well anchored to science because the cells of the human body are small natural magnets, with a north pole and a south pole and as such are influenced, for better or for worse, by external magnetic fields, natural or artificial. Furthermore, all the functions of the organism are regulated by electrical and magnetic impulses, without which life would not exist.

Softmag technology may partly be considered an evolution of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) without the contraindications. SoftMAG Technology naturally transmits small impulses to the brain, assisting the release of endorphins, which is the body’s natural defence against pain. 

GreenShield combines energy field interactions, produced by special nanoparticles with Bio-Therapeutic properties, with Italian style and comfort. Described by many as cold plasma fields, SoftMAG technology is an advancement in natural energy healing technologies.

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SoftMAG Technology Protects, Assists & Reduces Pain.

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
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