The Wonder of Water

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water,” Loren Eisely, Anthropologist.

It is speculated that the Global water industry would reach US$1 trillion by 2020. Enormous amounts of capital are poured into research and development into avenues such as purification, desalination, and hydrogen production. Water touches every aspect of our lives. Today many still lack access to clean water, one essential resource for which there is no substitute and rising demand ignites a drive for innovation and sustainable management. Even though well engaged, the properties of water still fascinate scientists, and have for centuries.  Its unique behaviour remains a mystery.

When compared to an ordinary liquid, water displays a vast array of anomalies. Common examples include the fact that liquid water expands when frozen. Water becomes less viscous when compressed, or its unusually high surface tension allows insects to walk on water’s surface. These and many other anomalies are of fundamental importance in countless natural and technological processes, such as the Earth’s climate and the possibility of life itself. From an anthropic viewpoint, it is like the water molecule was fine-tuned to have such unique properties.

Dr John Russo from the University of Bristol’s School of Mathematics and Professor Hajime Tanaka from the University of Tokyo, showed how the anomalous properties of water can be changed.

Dr Russo said: “With this procedure, we have found that what makes water behave anomalously is the presence of a particular arrangement of the water’s molecules, such as the tetrahedral arrangement where a water molecule is hydrogen-bonded to four molecules located on the vertices of a tetrahedron.

Two Tetrahedral (source)

“Four of such tetrahedral arrangements can organise themselves in such a way that they share a common water molecule at the centre without overlapping. “It is the presence of this highly ordered arrangement of water molecules, mixed with other disordered arrangements that gives water its peculiar properties.

“We think this work provides a simple explanation of the anomalies and highlights the exceptional nature of water that makes it so special compared with any other substance.”

Professor Rustum Roy further demonstrated that environmental conditions do in fact, alter water. Structure of Liquid Water is made up of building blocks (=molecules) of different size and shape. Some structures in water lasts for hours, days, some for very long periods. Most scientists would say only temperature and pressure can change water. They are terribly wrong. There are several other common vectors which change matter.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nicola Tesla

The power of certain vectors is thoroughly proven in research. In addition we know now of the well documented effects of human intention and prayers on water, through the work of late Dr Masaru Emoto.  Quantum Theory suggests that your energy signature, your field, or vibe infuses into your surroundings. If correct, you could literally affect water both internally and externally. Water reflects its environment and one only need look at ones own reflection in water to know this is true.  

It has been shown that water can change when exposed to energies such as radiation, microwave, radio frequency, Ultra-Violet, suspended nanoparticles, magnetic fields, homeopathic remedies, and prayers. The common denominator is energy fields, especially those controlled by resonance and polarization. The use of specifically chosen radiation (Electromagnetic), Acoustic; vibrational and “Subtle” energies) gives water structuring products their distinction. 

Below are two video’s showing how water is controlled by energy. In the first video a speaker is used to structure water into sound patterns. The second is an awesome little product developed by LeviZen, which levitates water with an acoustic sound generator.  

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Why would you want to structure and energise your water?

In survival school we were taught that if your drink water from a river you drink it where the river flows the quickest. Rightly so. When water stagnates it becomes denser as internal association forces attract, promoting compounds such as calcium carbonate to form.  Since water is the universal solvent, when it is exposed to chemical compounds containing ionic bonds, it dissolves them. Tap water contains high concentrations of various dissolved ions.

Common elements like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron all are routinely found in tap water at relatively high concentrations.  All of these elements form positive ions in solution because they have “excess electrons” that they donate during ionic bonding.  Atoms “with excess electrons” will donate electrons to another atom, becoming positively charged in the process. Once this process occurs, the two atoms are attracted
to each other by their positive and negative charges.

When water flows freely in rivers or from fountains, the path is full of nature’s angles. Water collides with rocks, crystals, sand, goes through cracks and ultimately becomes energised and revitalised.  Dr. Phillip Eduard Anton Lennard, a Nobel Prize winner, confirmed that negative ions (i.e., anions) are found in high concentrations at sea sides and in the basins of waterfalls. The “Lennard Effect” illustrates how the separation of electric charges (during the aerodynamic breakup of water droplets) creates positive ions and negative ions.

Most of our water sources today are dammed, stored in reservoirs, and piped in straight lines where it waits to be used. By the time it comes out of the tap it is essentially lifeless. Even groundwater sources are affected by pollution as runoff seeps into aquifers. Water hardness is often associated with the presence of calcium or magnesium, present in many sedimentary rocks such as chalk and limestone. Hard water commonly causes scaling, a build up of carbonate in pipes and elements or kettles. 

Studies has shown how structured water greatly reduces or prevents scaling from forming, below is a picture of a study done to show how magnetic exposed water breaks down calcium carbonate.  


Energising your water with magnetic or electric fields helps mitigate some of the concerns about the groundwater quality or the limitations of modern water management infrastructure. Electricity and magnetism are essentially two aspects of the same thing, because a changing electric field creates a magnetic field and a changing magnetic field creates an electric field. Exposing water to energy fields provides it with additional electrons which alter the chemical composition and structure of water.

A recent discovery revealed that a single ion, for example, of sodium or chlorine from table salt, can alter the bonds of a million water molecules – 10,000 times more than previously suspected.  This seemingly long-range and universal effect is independent of the chemical structure, polarizability, and size of the ions. 

When additional electrons are applied to water, molecules are energised and new ionic bonds are encouraged to form within the water. Restructuring these molecules causes a redox reaction, where both reduction and oxidation occur simultaneously. An oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction is a type of chemical reaction that involves a transfer of electrons between two species. Oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions are important because they are the principal sources of energy on this planet, both natural or biological and artificial. Oxidation of molecules by removal of hydrogen in combination with oxygen normally liberates large quantities of energy. Removing electrons disrupts important cellular structures of bacteria.   

The Benefits

The Tetrahedron structure of water is similar to that of clear quartz. It is this amazing crystalline structure which affects its ability to penetrate the cell membrane. Much like the structure of solid crystal, it cuts like glass.

Improvement in water quality when exposed to magnetic fields were observed with changes in pH, total dissolved solids, total hardness, conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, evaporating temperature, minerals, organic matter and total count of bacteria. Increases in dissolved oxygen could be due to the decrease in organic matter.

It has been shown that magnetized water  dissolves minerals at a higher rate than non-magnetized water. Structured water is beneficial in every aspect for all uses:

Whether cement, material design or plastic moulding, structured water improves the strength and durability of material.

The control of algae in an environmentally friendly way by structuring dams, fountains or swimming pools.

Reduced maintenance costs of industrial boilers and coolers by eliminating build-up/pitting and savings on power due to increased heat transference.

Energised water for irrigation makes the minerals more available to be used by plants. Reports indicate that preliminary magnetic water treatment can enhance the growth rate of plants and animals.


Water scarcity is the big topic of the 21st century. Farmers all over the world are struggling and food security is directly linked to using water wisely. Therefore, water conservation is among the most important factors for sustainability. Proper technology for this is crucial. Results in studies have shown a promising future for structured water in agriculture.

Improvements of irrigation water quality and quantity, crop yields and quality, soil improvement and water saving are some of the reported benefits of Structured Water in agriculture. In addition, magnetic field treatments have shown beneficial effects on the germination of seeds, plant growth and development, the ripening and yield of field crops.

Whether growing field, greenhouse, aquaponic or hydroponic crops. Oxygen in agricultural irrigation water is often completely neglected. It’s a parameter that is completely ignored and yet it can have a significant impact on plant health, root development, fertilizer & water uptake as well as yields. 

Watering plants with structured water results in improved hydration and uses less water.  Plants grow at a faster rate and deliver higher biomass density. The result is stronger, healthier, nutrient- dense plants that are less prone to disease.

Increasing the vitality of water increases the vitality of compost, ultimately assisting the breakdown process.

With regard to livestock, magnetic treatment improves water quality and consumption, feeding value, blood picture and antioxidant status resulting in improved poultry production and ultimately, more eggs, more milk or more meat.


Beverage Companies that utilise water in the production process will enjoy enhanced nutrient uptake due to the solubility of structured water.

Wineries and Breweries benefit from less build-up allowing for less chemical usage and less maintenance. Improved thermodynamic properties of water creates better heat transference with a direct effect on production costs, improving the efficiency of solar water heaters, geysers and even air conditioners. Where there is fluid, structuring helps to keep things slick, efficient and clear from build-up thus reducing running and maintenance costs.

The subtle elemental forces in products such as homeopathic medicines and super foods are strengthened.

Construction Companies benefit from saving up to 30% of the water used in concrete while improving strength by 40%. Cement also dries quicker when mixed with structured water.

Flower farms or Lawn growing companies will enjoy increased growing rates and higher output. Gardens flourish from structured water. Drip Irrigation constantly requires maintenance due to build up in sprinkler heads. Softening water results in less build-up which protects the integrity of irrigation systems, saving on maintenance costs.

Spa’s and Health Clinics enjoy water with better life-force and extended healing properties.  Guesthouses and Hotels receive a host of benefits, from the garden to the shower whilst reducing maintenance and heating costs and protecting equipment.

In summary, there exists a great deal of information on the benefits of structured water. The benefits of structured water stretch from individuals, households, to farms, to industry. Structured water promotes higher levels of hydration which has positive effects on animal, plant and human biology.



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