Organic Farming Solutions

Lighthouse Emporium supplies first-class ecological solutions designed to enhance, support and protect organic farms around the world.

At Lighthouse Emporium we believe the key to optimum health is to consume the very best. Our services and solutions strike at the core of farm health for optimum water, pure supplements and supportive energies.

“Whether human, animal or plant we all require the same essentials to thrive.”


Healthy Water

Consuming the best quality water give us the best chance to stay optimally hydrated. Store bought spring water is more refreshing and satisfying than polluted dam water would be. Drinking tap water is advised against in many parts of the world. Many of our open water sources are polluted and ground water sources less monitored. With mass use of chemicals we could assume that majority of our environment is to some extend infiltrated by poison or its residue compounds. The quality of the water we consume affects our health.   

Healthy Nutrition

The quality of our diets is important. The body needs fuel, minerals and elements to run optimally.  We receive our sugars, minerals and elements from the food we eat and the liquids we consume. The quality of our food is important, especially for our young ones. Lack of nutrition directly affects early childhood development, something of great concern in sub-Saharan Africa.   

Healthy Environment

Life is colonized by many microorganisms, even the human body, as it is estimated that the average human body is inhabited by ten times as many non-human cells as human cells. Gut health directly affects, well, our health. Without the bacteria we struggle to breakdown our food, resulting in less nutrient uptake. A good probiotic is often recommended by health care.

New AgriFrequencies

For a chemical free environment.

Crystals have the ability to store and emit information by means of piezoelectricity. Our specialist frequencies are designed to stimulate plants and animals for increased yields. Lighthouse Emporium’s AgriFrequencies also eliminates unwanted pests and treats disease. Our tailored frequency packages are designed to meet the needs of different agribusinesses. Subtle frequencies are safe for humans, animals, bees and predators. Our frequency products are self powered and if cared for, provide a lifetime of benefits

Our products are designed to equip both small and large scale organic farmers. Our services and solutions showcase the latest in cutting edge technologies. Lighthouse Emporium assists farming operations to maintain optimum water health, build soil capacity, enriches farm land with broad spectrum mineral, bacterial, and frequency solutions. Plant trees with Groasis technology and reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation.

Lighthouse Emporium is socially and environmentally focused. We give back to rural communities. Lighthouse Emporium educates, consults and supports. Our ecological solutions are designed to equip growers.

Growing together for the benefit of all.   

One thought on “Organic Farming

  1. Tshepo Gezane says:

    I am CEO of Balemi Ba Kasi Farming Cooperative. Quiet interested in The GroCube since we are Farming in local schools namely, Thabang Primary, Margaret Gwele and DSJ all in Dobsonville, Soweto. Is there a lease option on acquisition of the GroCube. What’s the rates and conditions if attached.

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