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Ozone Ozone was first discovered in the late 1700’s. It was scientifically identified as a compound in 1840. Ten years later the first ozone generator was build and used in the Netherlands for water purification in 1893. Throughout the 1900’s ozone gripped the minds of scientists and physicians. It was first used as a preservative […]

Farming with Frequencies

Quantum Farming Solutions Utilizing frequencies is a new paradigm in farming. Please scroll to the bottom of this article to download our brochure in either English or Afrikaans. When two identical frequencies are cycling 180° opposite each other, complete phase cancellation occurs. We utilize this on biological level to broadcast counter frequencies (out of phase […]

Ormus Field Trials

Field Trial Results Rustenburg Wine Estate, Western Cape, Summer 2018 / 2019 This report details the results of field trials conducted on the historic Rustenberg Wine Estate in Ida’s Valley, Stellenbosch over the summer of 2018 /19. The results show that EnOrmus Bud not only increases plant volume but also plant health when compare to […]

How microbes can help feed the world

How microbes can help feed the world.  Extracts of a report from the American Academy of Microbiology. This report is based on deliberations of experts on how plant microbe interactions could be employed to boost agricultural productivity in an environmentally friendly way. According to the United Nations World Food Program, more than 870 million of […]

Low Water, High Impact Flora Establishment – Fundamentals

Low Water, High Impact Flora Establishment – Fundamentals Water retention Soil water is particularly important in nutrient management. In addition to sustaining all life on Earth, soil water provides a pool of dissolved nutrients that are readily available for plant uptake. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper levels of soil moisture. Soil water holding […]

Agricultural Ormus / Seawater Gans

Rearranged Monatomic Elements known as Agricultural Ormus / Seawater Gans. The substance known today as Ormus is said to have been used as far back as the ancient Egyptian times. With limited information through the centuries since then it would seem that Ormus became an art forgotten until Dr Maynard Murray, a pioneer in biology, […]

Hydroponic Tunnel Farming

Hydroponic Farming – Tunnel Package Lighthouse Emporium provides turnkey management solutions to effectively equip and promote farming potential into fresh produce, supplier status. Our integrated hydroponic farming solution provides the key elements to assist with systems installation, training and support. The turnkey solution includes tunnels, complete hydroponic installations and optional climate control. Lighthouse Emporium links […]