Our Understanding of Gans


Gas At a Nano State” 

When we talk about the matter state of gas we are referring to molecules like oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, etc. It is the least dense of our known states of matter.

What does “At a Nano State” mean? 

When we say Nano we are referring to an atomic scale, the size of an atom. So when we are dealing with GANS, we are talking about another state of matter at the scale of atoms. It is the first variation of manifestation in this experience we call “reality”. The atom is the first of creation and everything originates from it.

If we think about different states of matter we have gas, liquid, solid and now we have gas solids. Gans is a substance that we can physically create that is closest to our original source energy.

Most of us grew up with the understanding of the different states of matter. We know that solids are hard, liquids are wet and gasses are vapours that look like mist in the air. What we are dealing with here are different densities of the same matter. Below are products which incorporates GANS for effective healing.

Solid Objects

The A with the circle will represent the atom. The red circle around it will represent its gravitational field which is pulling other atoms towards it. The blue circle around it represents its magnetical field in relation to other atoms and pushes them away. Gravitational will always be stronger than the magnetical.


When we look at the atoms of a solid object, we will see that they have a strong gravitational relationship to one another with a low magnetical relationship. This in turn causes the atoms to be tightly packed and creates the density that we would consider a solid such as an ice block.

Since we are working in the field of plasma, let us look at it for what it really is, magnetical and gravitational fields.

As we start to apply heat we notice that the magnetical relationship between the atoms starts to increase. As this happens, the atoms will start to space out and the molecules they form will become fluidic. Look at water for instance and effect of applying heat to the ice block. You can move your hand through water with little resistance yet it feels like it is all connected. Another way to experience this feeling is by taking two magnets of the same polarity and pushing them together. Once they start pushing away from each other, apply and release pressure and notice how it feels. This is what the atoms are doing however, because the gravitational fields are stronger than the magnetical, all of the atoms are still being held together.


From the perspective of Magrav fields, we can easily start to see the space in between the fields. The space allows room for movement between the fields. Another thing to note, since these fields are always trying to find balance with one another, they will all turn in relation to one another like the gears on a clock.

As we continue to apply heat, more electrons are added to the atoms and the magnetical relationship of the atoms increases again. The liquid finally starts to separate further to become a gas.


We have now gone from tightly packed atoms making up a solid to loosely packed atoms making up a liquid. After that we went from a liquid to groups of packed atoms called a gas. So what is next? Now the atoms separate from one another into their individual components and we capture it.

Now we have Gans, gas at a nano state, or gas nano solids. It is the individual atomic structure of the original elements that are now radiating energy (plasma fields) like miniature suns in the form of vibrations. It is the closest thing to source energy in our existence.

The wonderful dichotomy of this story is that when we create Gans, we create it from nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are the atomic elements last stop on their life cycle. It is the charred remains of what it used to be. In essence, when we create Gans we are creating life. We are taking the charred remains of an element and then breathing new life into it.

What is Gans? 

Gans represents what I like to call the “perfect note”. Everything is created from Magrav fields and if that field is not in balance, it will create different responses. Electrons fundamentally changes the dynamic of these universal Magrav fields in atoms. Electrons are essential to life. In the physical body, electron imbalances in cells can manifest as pain and disease.

This is what Gans is. Gas nano solids represents the perfect tune of that element, the reference note. It is the essence of spirit in its perfect balance. When we create gas nano solids we are creating little energy orbs that have perfectly balanced fields of different atoms and Oxygen.

Considering our bodies make up is 83.5% Carbon and Oxygen, what do you think happens when our fields come in contact with their fields? The higher vibration will always raise the lower vibration.

The Gans, and its plasma energy field provides a reference note for the body to raise itself.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

This is why the SoftMAG range of products and energised water work so well. They are providing the body with that perfect note through Magrav fields. When we condition the body with plasma health pads, we are telling the body that this is the frequency it should be vibrating at. Over time the body will retain the vibration and a plasma health pad will no longer be necessary.

In this case you can see that what we are using here is not necessarily the Gans that we “see”. Instead, we are using the plasma energy fields that create the Gans that we “see”. This is how Gans is used in plasma physics, for their fields. You can cause things to come towards you or to move away just by using different field combinations.


We now know that Gans is another state of matter at its atomic level. It is the closest thing to source energy in this experience at this moment and it vibrates at a perfectly balanced frequency. Gans can be used to attract and repel or can be used to bring another similar field into balance.

From here we will now need a way to transmit this Gans. If Gans is an energy source, we need a way to deliver that energy to its destination. To do that we will be using different techniques to transmit the energies.

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