Wine Farming

The wine industry in South Africa contributes R36 Billion annually towards the Gross Domestic Product. This contribution has seen a steady growth of around 10% per annum since 2003. Wine of the Western Cape is regarded by many as among the best in the world and it attributes immensely towards the local economy.

Recently wine exports have become more enticing due to large, untapped markets such as the Chinese market who have recently acquired an appetite for wines. In 2013 South Africa exported 525 mil litres to the world. This only accounts for a small portion of international wines exports and there is much yet to be done in respect of marketing South African wines internationally.

Wine Farming will be designed on an eco-concept with focus on tourism and wine exports. Educating and employing from local communities. As a community initiative, Lighthouse Emporium will be able to manage the project in an employee-focused, community spirit while making monies for further community initiatives.

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