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Hydroponic Farming – Tunnel Package

Lighthouse Emporium provides turnkey management solutions to effectively equip and promote farming potential into fresh produce, supplier status. Our integrated hydroponic farming solution provides the key elements to assist with systems installation, training and support. The turnkey solution includes tunnels, complete hydroponic installations and optional climate control.

backdrop_hydroponic_featuresLighthouse Emporium links our customers with cutting edge products and systems. Lighthouse Emporium nurtures hydroponic farmers by providing the necessary tools to make any project a success.

Due to its climate, tunnel farming has become the preferred choice amongst many growers in South Africa and is seen as a cost effective option to improve consistency. As apposed to places such as Europe, farmers in South Africa enjoy moderate climates, allowing farmers to easily grow year round without the need for climate control.

Greenhouse’s provides the grower with temperature control, whether it’s heating or cooling. We offer climate control options such as gas heating and wet wall cooling. Our climate control systems have the capacity to run two tunnels and could be extended to do so at a small additional cost.

Hydroponic farming utilizes growth medium other than soil, and delivers nutrient rich water directly to the plants. Hydroponic farming has seen steady growth and is fast becoming the preferred choice for growing in a controlled environment. The nature of hydroponics allows it to be stacked for maximum yield in minimum space. Typical farming provides one level solution, however with our innovative systems you cultivate crops on multiple levels to increase revenue potential.spinach


• High quality produce at more frequent intervals compared to conventional farming. Growers enjoy 30% increased growth rates, resulting in quicker turn around.
• Quicker turn around times with no soil preparation,
• 85 % less water used compared to conventional farming,
• Soil borne diseases are eliminated or reduced,
• Large yields in small areas,
• Controlled environment,
• Reduced use of chemicals,
• Automated irrigation,


Our vertical farming solution is designed to provide you with the capacity to cultivate 12 960 plants per tunnel. Lighthouse Emporium provides 10 meter wide 30 meter long stainless steel tunnels. The maximum height of our tunnels is 4 meters.


The 409 stainless steel tunnel’s welding is done with mild steel rods painted with anti-corrosion paint. Our tunnel walls are covered with 200-micron LONG LIFE Greenhouse Plastic with 3 year warranty against factory defects.


Cost – Single Hydroponic Tunnel


* Prices may change on the final quotation depending on site location. Delivery cost determined by site location. Please click below for our latest pricing and information. Click below to download.

2019 Vertical Tunnel Farm Prospectus

Payment terms: 70% on order, 30% on completion.

Terms and conditions

Levelling and clearing is not included in this quotation and is the customer’s responsibility. Our tunnel structures are secured with concrete, the sand, cement and stone needed is purchased at the clients’ own cost. Electrical supply to the site during construction for drilling necessities is the clients’ responsibility. Water has to be supplied to the project during construction for the mixing tanks. Additional electrical connection should be available for pump stations. Should the terrain not be easy assessable the onus is on the client to ensure equipment reaches the delivery destination.

Site preparation check list:

• Level surface. 300m2 for the tunnel and a 3m walkway around the tunnel.
• Access to water. 4x 250L reservoirs topped up weekly with 20 – 30%.
• Access to electricity. Pumps and lights utilize 4-5 kW/h.
• Easy accessible site location

*** Lighthouse Emporium and its suppliers reserve the right to change prices without prior notice. Lighthouse Emporium reserves the right to substitute any product with an equivalent product in case a quoted item is not available. Customers will be notified in the event of any changes ***

Bridging capital

Lighthouse Emporium works with and has access to a registered credit provider which focuses on short term financing solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises. Short term working capital finance to bridge the working capital gap to cover costs associated with purchase orders. Collateral free loans are available to enterprises who demonstrate determinable past and future cash flow.

Lighthouse Emporium does not administrate the financing nor does it affect the approvals. All decisions remain with the registered credit provider.

The Lighthouse Emporium Co-operative is a community focused development organisation connecting stakeholders through products and knowledge. Growing together for the benefit of all. Banking on a greener future.

This is not an official quotation, official quotations available on request only.

For more information please contact our Chairman Maarten Potgieter on +27 74 296 5910.

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6 thoughts on “Hydroponic Tunnel Farming

  1. Zukie says:

    Kindly send me an official quotation for 300m2 tunnel, starting from the equipment for structure, construction, water systems etc.

  2. Sean Williams says:

    Morning, I am looking into vertical farming.

    I am completely new to farming and was looking at vertical farming as I believe hydroponics is the way to go.

    Is it possible to be able to also do aquaculture with vertical farming, as I would like to maximise space usage.

    What are the ideal crops to be grown in vertical farms?

    What would be an ideal warehouse size and also what would be the approximate startup costs.

    Thank you.

  3. Zipho says:

    Good day

    Tripple Hydroponic Tunnel

    Tunnel Construction:
    10m x 30m x 4m Stainless Steel 409 Tunnel Structure x 3

    Kindly email me a formal qoute including installation all other equipment such as pipes and water pump.

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