Currently in South Africa there is a dire need for sustainable development. Government structures are ineffective and together with corporate driven greed for profit they are causing a rise in not only the income gap but also the cost of basic goods and services. Sustainable development and food security are, single handed, two of the most important issues facing this country now, next to water and the dwindling infrastructure. Keeping people fed and employed should be the State’s key focus area, but unfortunately they are lacking in living up to their promises. This is due to money wastage from within leaking coffers and the administrative red tape culture. This is not only a South African problem but a general problem facing the world throughout.

In the current climate of instability both nationally and internationally, there is an ever increasing need for more open-minded approaches to sustainability. The youth are leading this charge with new innovations aimed at redressing the damages caused by ruthless development. Globally the environment is under immense pressure and one only need take a look around to realise that a change is imminent and vital for survival. People all around the globe are waking up to the fact that there are alternatives to mainstream consumerism. People are investigating all avenues and this has prompted a move into natural health alternatives, energy alternatives and creative design solutions either from an architectural or engineering point of view. Some, who are in a position to do so, are actively involved in shifting resources to organisations to enable them to develop and implement their ideas.

Lighthouse Emporium is a community driven organisation which collects and manages resources needed to shift focus to communities that need sustainable development the most. Lighthouse Emporium will create awareness in all communities about existing alternatives, alternatives that are environmentally friendly. Lighthouse Emporium not only aims to raise funds through various initiatives and products, but also to provide a hands-on approach to establish and develop projects in areas of sustainability. Project identification, planning, development and administration will be Lighthouse Emporium’s focus to ensure that projects remain a sustainable success. This approach ensures projects are developed into established market positions.


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